The App for Cinema lovers that saves you money.

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  • Graphic Design
  • UX
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  • Concept



Colors & Material

Dark Blue


Pumpkin Orange


Blue Fluoride






Cinema tickets at low prices. Mixing those two concepts brought a stylish and minimal design that immediately symbolizes what the user can expect from the App. The gradient also helps to keep a subtle but present consistency across all steps, from the icon itself to the main screens.

What I Delivered

The UX stage for CheapFilm was focused on developing a way to improve the process of buying tickets for cinemas nearby, in a few steps while keeping all the needed info along the way.

The result was 2 + 1 screens, allowing to buy a ticket in two, or three steps, in case the user wants to change any option or see more info about the movie.

Home Page

CheapFilm aimed to copy the experience that everybody has at the Cinema and sees all the main posters for the movies currently screening.

The main goal was to have has little information as possible, integrating key components like the possibility to change the day,  along with informative tags about what film is popular or the top film in terms of box office.

The translucent bottom navigation bar integrates a search bottom to find the movie you want to see more quickly and a profile avatar to check your past purchases and ones to keep in mind for the future.

Map Page

Selecting a Movie poster will take the user to the Map screen, where CheapFilm will locate the cheapest tickets based in your location, highlighting the best
option available.

Here you can select any other venue that may suits you better, or just book the movie with the best configuration based on your current time, preferences, and past choices.

Film Page

In case you want to select the different options yourself, or just look more info about the movie before booking, the Film page was designed to just reflect those two ideas.

Review the exact location of the venue, select how many seats you want, the most suitable screening time for you, and lastly, choose where you want to be seated. CheapFilm will automatically find the best-centered seats available for you! Say goodbye to that old vintage step where selecting a seat on a small screen was a terrible experience.


Everybody has suffered that feeling of coming late into a dark movie theater trying to figure out where to sit, checking the digital ticket to realizes that you need to decipher it first to clearly see where your seat is.

That’s why in this screen, the Hall, Row and Seat section has to be the very first thing a person sees right when checking the ticket, along with the barcode and the very-useful-but-not-usually-implemented option to share the ticket, in case one of your friends decides to skip the trailers and go a little bit late.

User Profile

Clicking your picture will take you to your user profile, where two sections are clearly highlighted. First, Watchlist or the movies you are eager to see next, and Purchases, in case you want to keep track of all your movies or to check how much have you spend enjoyed going to the cinema the last month. In both sections, you have also the option to search for a specific film, in order to avoid using that really infinite scrolling.

All other options like Payment options, Account settings, Security, and Notifications are kept inside Configuration since they are not the usual sections that the user needs to access every day.